Friday, March 18, 2016

Quick Run Down

Since my last post, the Bernina USA contest is now over. The votes for me did not come in like I had hoped. A lot of folks supported me, and I’m very grateful, but I’m afraid not near enough.

On March 5th, our sweet Beth girl told us it was time to let her go. It was hard to help her cross the Rainbow Bridge, something I never wanted to do. I snuggled with her one last time and felt her take her wings. We are blessed to have had her for so long (16 years, 8 months, 2 days). I put a green shiny ribbon on the Prayer Tree in remembrance of Beth.

Two days later, my step daughter and her boys came for a visit. It poured down rain, even received a bit of pea-size hail, during their visit. No fishing this time. In between storms, the boys all played either with their drones, or filming of the flights. Otherwise, indoor games, puzzle workings, movies, and electronic games kept everyone busy.

The same day the kids left, I went to Dallas and visited with my mother. We did some running of the roads together, errands she needed done. Then I had the fabulous opportunity to work at Thomas Sewing Center (Mesquite, Texas) for two days with my sister and others! I hadn’t worked retail in eons! It was fun. I learned a lot from the co-workers, and customers!

I loved the experience… especially the two sisters (in their 70’s) that came in, the younger one wanting her first ever sewing machine! It was a simple machine, just perfect for her learning how to sew. The only hang up she had was how to insert the underneath bobbin. I was familiar with that type of bobbin and was called upon to show her how! She did it! She was all smiles walking out the door with her very own sewing machine!

Another high-moment for me was when I helped a regular customer find the fabric she needed, cutting it for her, and communicating with her. She is totally deaf. Although she had a tablet and pen, I didn’t realize I knew that much sign language! We got along fabulously!

Late Saturday afternoon, it was time to prepare the store for Mr. Thomas’s wake after his funeral on Monday. Besides the Dallas Quilt Show going on (Thomas Sewing Center is THE Platinum Sponsor for the show), the owner’s daughter got married and her dad passed away. I continually offer prayers and condolences for Mrs. Thomas, Dana, and the rest of the family for their great loss.

Once back home, we started a major renovation project… one that we’ve been waiting about 5 years to start ~ replacing 35+ year old carpet with plank flooring! We didn’t want to cause Beth undue hardship with standing/sliding issues, so we stored the materials. Now it’s time.

But my goodness, the oops we’ve found! Built in 1918, this house has its issues to say the least! To make up what is now the living room ~ three rooms were built off site then moved and put together. Where they join, the floor level varies. These are issues we are addressing, and will get it done - - - -  eventually!

As far as sewing goes… I manage a bit here and there during the wee-hours of the morning. I’m thankful I found out about several free Block of the Month’s projects going on via the Internet! Through The Splendid Sampler quilt along, we receive two patterns per week! I don’t have to think about an entire quilt, just one block at a time! I’m using red white and blue – of course!

Well, that’s a quick run down what’s been happening around here! What have you been doing?

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