Sunday, March 20, 2016

Just Shy of a Full Blow Addiction

Or maybe it already is…

I’m talking about finding free “Block of the Month” (or bi-weekly) (BOM) websites and the Facebook support groups that go along with them! I’m a happy camper that they are out there by the droves! I wrote about a couple I found (and joined/doing!) in February. Since then, I’ve stumbled across even more!

I love the process of creating blocks without a clue to its ending.

Block # 1 - "Secret Garden"

Block #2 - "Secret Garden"

Block #3  - "Secret Garden"

These are from Pat Sloan's "Secret Garden"
Its support group on Facebook is "Quilt With Pat Sloan

I’m cutting fabric.
I’m sewing pieces together.
I’m learning new techniques.
I don’t have to think about the end result.
I’m just doing it.

Right now, that’s exactly what I need.
It’s my therapy.

Not to know.
Not to plan.

I’m just doing it.


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