Saturday, August 27, 2016


We all have our own set of priorities. Whether it’s in our home life, profession, or hobby, how we set our priorities depends on our inner drummer. You know, the saying:

For some, keeping a spic and span house is a main priority. I knew a lady, each week she would take every glass, plate, bowl ~ everything ~ out of her cabinets and wash, dry, and put back. Needless to say, everything in her house was spotless. God rest her soul, a “spic/span” home was her main priority.

Quite the opposite, I’ve run across a few people that put even the slightest bit of basic housekeeping on the bottom of their list of priorities. That’s okay. That’s their drummer.

I fall somewhere in between.

It’s the same with professions and hobbies. I know the saying...

 applies here as well.

For those obsessed with their professions, however, I do miss the friendships, the both-way conversations we once had.

Because my priorities may differ from someone else’s doesn’t mean they are any better, or less, than theirs. Turnaround is fair play. I find myself guarded, having to protect my priorities from some looking to take advantage.

I’ve learned ~ if it’s important, really important, people will find a way to get it done.

Maybe, a temporary shift in priorities?

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