Thursday, December 6, 2012

When things go wrong

Yesterday - within the Facebook’s Sewist Group - we had a discussion about when everything seems to go wrong while sewing. 

Sometimes, enough is enough ripping out stitches!
Sometimes it’s better to just walk away for a while, and then come back to the project.
Many times, I/we keep on and on until total frustration sets in and our mood sours beyond repair for the remaining day/evening!

What can we do during this time when we’re working on a deadline, and can’t afford the time away from the project?
What can we do to change the mindset? Find the happy sewing place again?
What will lift our inner altitude and get things back on track?

Here are several suggestions the group came up with, plus some of my own:

  • Wash face and put on makeup, including lipstick!
  • Spritz on a favorite perfume
  • Spray air freshener around the sewing area
  • Light a candle
  • Go for a brisk walk – get fresh air & the blood pumping through the brain (and fingertips) again
  • Change up background noise … television/radio/silence
  • Pray continuously

What would you add to the list for others to try when they’re having a bad day/go of sewing?

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