Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Creating an Action Quilt - Part 8

Sewing the pieces together! 

Oops! I do need another piece! See the green mat showing about center of the Action Quilt!
Note: I've already stitched together the two pieces on the left... the white/purple to the green with a white corner.

No problem! It will be a perfect place to add a photo pocket! I cut some clear vinyl, and I'm adding a piece across the top, like a binding, like I did the red pet screen pocket the other day.

I'm using red terry cloth (like a towel) for the background. If you've never worked with vinyl before, I would highly recommend using a regular piece of 100% cotton, something sturdy. This terry stretched and I almost started over!

I pinned it to hold in place, not worrying about the extra hanging off at the bottom - I'll trim that later!

I stitched across the bottom first, then up the sides - all within the seam allowance.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - keep your iron far far away from this vinyl! You can just imagine the mess you'll make on your iron, as well as the vinyl itself!!!

Now, back to sewing the pieces together. I did the top row first, then the second row.

Notice in the next photo how the left side (unit 1) is longer than unit 2!
No worry... I trimmed off a little at the top and the bottom!
Because I left room when I did the doo-dads, I have space to trim a little here and a little there.

Now I have to add the zipper unit across the entire bottom... it too extends past on the right end. Again, no problem!

Also, notice no seams join together. I do this on purpose because I don't want to have to worry about pressing seams one way or another. The seam allowance (pressed together rather than open) goes which ever way the doo-dads fit better without causing hardship. You'll understand "hardship" when you do this.

Most of the time, I "finger press" anyway.

I pin right sides together, making sure I don't stretch either unit.

I trim off the excess!

Remember my no rules/patterns... no ripping out? Do you notice what's different?
Yep! When I stitched the first unit upside down, I flipped it!
Do I rip out and turn it around? Nope!
Who will notice? Just you & I!!!!

It's a perfect size!

Tomorrow I'll share how I baste it together, and quilt it using my home sewing machine! First I need to figure out what backing fabric I'm going to use!

Oh, I just remembered, I need to now get the dental floss and stitch down that red button!
See you tomorrow!

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