Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Own Flare

I rarely have original ideas of what to make. Sometimes I do, but not often. Why reinvent the wheel?

What I do is add my own flare to something I’ve seen others create. Thanks to the lifelong lessons I’ve learned from my mother, I can look at something and figure out how to make it. Even when I create something from purchased patterns, I typically end up putting my own flare on it. I confess. It’s usually because I haven’t followed the directions to the letter so I have to readjust rather than rip out!

For example, take the Action Quilts [Fidget Quilts]. It was not my idea. However, I am thrilled someone had the idea and shared it! I now design and create them, with no pattern involved, no instructions to follow. Keeping mindful of a few basic, common sense guidelines ~ that I’ll share later ~ I’ve found creating Action Quilts to be the most stress-free, rewarding project I’ve ever done!

I highly recommend Sew Mama Sew’s website for finding tutorials, inspiration, ideas on just about anything/everything sewing related and more! I just read her “Joyful Sewing – 12 Tips for Enjoying a Stress-Free Hobby” and I HIGHLY recommend reading it in full. Her #3 is something I learned a long time ago:

Give yourself permission to do things your own way.

Be creative! Add your own flare to projects! Sew for the Charity of it!

Monday begins a 9 part series, a tutorial, on how I create Action Quilts! I hope you'll join me!

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