Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Oh. My. Goodness.

Researching all the different charities that need handmade sewn items can get a bit overwhelming. For me it does anyway. The good thing about it, however, there is something for everyone. Based on skill level, time allowance, and where your heart leads, you’ll find someone, some cause, to concentrate your efforts and Sew for the Charity of it!

I highly recommend ~ rather than get overwhelmed ~ select one or two or three focus groups and go for it!

Several websites offer lists of what’s needed, and where. If you don’t already have a specific charity in mind, take a look over these for ideas of whom you can help and how:

Cyberseams - Sewing Charity List

All Free Sewing – Sewing Charity List

Sewing – Charity Sewing

Craftsy Blog – Charity Sewing

You can also contact organizations in your local community to see how you can help, such as:

š  Children’s hospitals
š  Emergency services
š  Senior centers and nursing homes
š  Cancer treatment centers
š  Women’s shelters
š  Veterans’ organizations

Tomorrow I’ll share various places to go on the internet to find free patterns to create your project(s)!

Please leave a comment below and let me know which charity you selected! Once we discover what areas folks are concentrating on, it will be fun to share the different items we create together!

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