Monday, January 11, 2016

It’s the Game Plan Anyway

When the light bulb goes off in my head, I get beside myself with excitement! However, it’s hard to wait for the actual implementation! I know it won’t happen anytime soon, but God willing it will happen in 2016! It may not be as exciting to you… but… I wanted to share…

I will have a dedicated sewing/quilting space!

We are turning a small bedroom into a room that I can walk out of, shut the door, and not have to move/rearrange anything on a daily basis when it’s winter time or summer time or totally remove things when overnight company visits! Praise the Lord!

I know it’s much larger than what some people manage with and I know I am blessed.

My mother has drawn to scale where I can put everything… including the longarm quilting frame!!!! Then we’ll get our living room back! Double plus!

I’m spending the time until it actually happens: 
  • Gathering storage/decorating ideas
  • Working through my stash of fabric

Speaking of my stash…
Going to push away from the computer and start continue working on it!

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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