Monday, May 13, 2013

Embroidery Mental Block

Two years ago this past February, I sold my Grace Quilting Frame (that had been with me for years without completing one quilt)
(Picture from their website)
and bought an embroidery machine a few months later.

I ended up getting the Brother SE-400 Combination Sewing and Embroidery machine
(Picture from their website)

rather than my dream – the Ruby Viking.
(Picture from their website)
Oh, My, Goodness! I could by a used car for that price! Maybe someday, after I win the lottery!

The process of learning how to machine embroidery came slowly, then abruptly stopped. It was July of 2011, when I had to go to Dallas to be with my parents as Daddy ended up having two major surgeries in less than a month. His healing process was slow going and Momma needed help taking care of him. Once the crisis was over and I returned home, to the studio, it’s like I’ve had a mental block, lack of desire, or any interest in using the machine.

Of late, I’m grateful the desire/interest has rekindled itself. I’ve brought out the machine and placed where I can easily use it, to learn and discover its true value. A “study” of sorts begins today!

Happy Embroidering!

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