Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sound of a Sweet Voice

A while back I wrote the article “Before it’s too late” to encourage others to record their voice for their children/grandchildren. What a priceless gift it would be in years to come, after the voice only resonates in heaven.

I don’t know how, but through my only cousin on my daddy’s side, there is a sweet recording of his voice when he left her a message – when, how long ago, I haven’t a clue. It doesn’t matter. It’s my daddy’s voice, just like I remember hearing five months ago.

My oldest niece sent the file to me last night via email.

I didn’t hear it until this morning.

I’m still crying.

I’m grateful my cousin was able to retrieve it and share it with my niece.

I’m so grateful for Leasa, for sharing this sweet sweet message with me. She said she played it for Momma last night (because Momma couldn't open the file sent to her) and reports that hearing his voice again made her very very happy!

Once I stop crying, I know I’ll be happy, too!

"Okie Dokie" - as my Daddy would say!

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