Monday, June 23, 2014

Mitered Corner Border

I visited a new Facebook quilt group this morning and read their rules/regulations. I didn’t join because they won’t allow folks to include links. I did, however, scroll down the page, viewing the lovely creations others had shared. One in particular caught my eye.

The poster had created her “first” mitered corner border on her quilt (I’m not referring to the binding, but the border). It would have been lovely to immediately click a link to see the technique. Oh well. Each group has their own set of rules. If one doesn’t like it, it's great we can just move on in this vast virtual world!

I went to Google and did a search for “quilt mitered corners” on my own.

This is what I found:

Lots and lots of videos! However, I don’t have the bandwidth to view them while at the ranch, so I need written instructions!

Craftsy Quilting has a wonderful step-by-step picture tutorial!

McCall’sQuilting also has one. Scroll down the page a little bit.

At Quiltville, on the way down the page to find Mitered Borders specifically, she offers “Border Hints & Tricks!” that is so worth taking the time to read!

STITCHthis! shared an excerpt from an e-book that looks interesting in and of itself!

There are certainly more links to look at on the Google list. But, my favorite is the first one I listed from Craftsy!

I’m going to try this on my next Quilt of Valor! I now have the links for easy reference to get it done!

Have you mitered a quilt corner? Any tips you would like to offer me/us before I try it?

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