Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Button Project

I’m offering a piece of advice. Don’t wait. It may be too late.

A bit of back story…
(UPDATE: Momma brought the subject up today (she doesn't read my blog, so I don't know why of all days) and said not all the buttons are gone... we'll see...but it's too late for this trip to help!)

About five or six years ago, I was looking for buttons to accent some aprons I made. I happened to be over at Momma & Daddy’s, looking through her button box. While searching for something to use, Momma would pick up a button after button and say something like, “Oh, this was on Grandmother’s coat she made.” Or, “This was from a dress I made for the State Fair of Texas.”

To me, these were very special buttons. I wouldn’t use them. However, I wanted them for something else and she said sure. I told Momma I would love to know the history behind each and every one.

I brought her a large zip lock bag with “The Button Project” written on the outside. Inside had bunches of small sealable baggies and cut-to-size card stock for her to write a bit about each button.

During the next visit to Dallas, I took Momma & Daddy to one of his doctor’s appointments. While waiting, I did something I rarely do at a doctor’s office. I picked up one of their magazines (remember, sick people go to the doctor’s office and why would I purposely touch something a sick person possibly touched?) and was flipping through it. I think it was a Better Homes and Gardens, or some such type magazine. Anyway, I saw a picture of a cool way to display special buttons, and showed it to Momma, saying “This is how I will display the buttons.”

I further explained that on the back of the frame would have the history behind each button.

I tore out the page from the magazine.
It's sort of like this:

Over the years, I’ve asked how the Button Project is coming along. The last time I asked, Momma told me she couldn’t find her button box.

The other day, I learned she gave the box away. The Button Project won’t happen now.

Moral of story:

Don’t wait. It just may be too late. Do it together!

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