Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Picture = A Thousand Words

I’m always looking for different “stars” to use in creating Quilts of Valor. Not just stars, but different and unusual blocks to incorporate in a new quilt. I spend probably too much time searching sites, gathering ideas, and saving all the various finds either on my computer or via Pinterest. Instead, I should be sewing! Because I know~ never in all my days left on this green earth will I be able to make them all! But, this girl can dream!

Have you seen this “Modern Star Block” by Laineybug Designs?

Not long ago, I saw it on Pinterest and pinned it on my Quilts!!! board. The other day I tried it – on my own – just from dissecting the picture. Nope, that didn’t work. I went to her blog, ready to purchase the pattern, and found the fabulous FREE tutorial!

I went back to the sewing room, selected my colors, and proceeded to follow the tutorial. I DID NOT, however, accurately follow the pictures. Trust me. It doesn’t work unless the color placement is EXACTLY like Lainey shows in her pictures! But, that’s why I have a seam ripper in my tool box.


She took the time to include all the lovely step-by-step pictures for a reason! The old saying, something like, pictures says a thousand words – is true!!!

Oh, and then, I get to a “Y” seam… scary… I’ve never done one before!

Again, trust me! It’s doable!!!!

My first finished block…

I ran out of white for the four corners so I used red. For this quilt I’m working on, I had to add a border to match the size of four other stars (star bursts) I’ve already created. But, I’m thinking I need to re-do this block, utilizing not as busy print in the small triangle area…

Next time, I will follow the written instructions AND with each step I WILL double check the photos against my placement!

Moral of this story?

š  Inspire you to challenge yourself in trying new techniques!
š  Encourage you to “read” to the pictures!

š  Create your own Modern Star Block!



    1. Thank you! I fell in love with this star!
      It works up beautifully, when one follows the instructions and pictures! ;)

  2. Hello Lanetta,
    I hopped over here from Threadbias. As a blogger myself, I like to meet others through their blogs. I love stars as well and have a whole Pinterest board of stars and I keep on adding them. This particular star you've shown is probably there as I love it. You did a great job, and learned something about following the instructions. Aren't we lucky when we learn something important from our mistakes? Well done, hope you make some more of that star for quilt. It's a beauty. "QuilterinMotion"

    1. Thank you for hopping by and leaving a comment Marsha! I would love to have your Pinterest link!!!


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