Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good morning, October!

My 86 year young mother leaves in the morning after almost a week with us here at the ranch. It’s been a delightful visit, creating a host of memories I will treasure always. I posted a photo-journal of most of our daily events on Facebook. Through this album, I’ve shared with family and friends, and now you! It is such a blessing to have had this time with her.

Although I have a major custom order to finish (thankfully, the completion delay is understood), I have worked on it a bit while she has helped me tremendously by sorting through my trim stash!

That is, once she’s come inside from working on touching up the mural she created back in 1994ish!

Still, I’ve been having an internal fight with myself to not worry about the order, but to focus on Momma, and my time with her.

This is a total reminder… focus on the day…

And, that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

We’re crossing the cattle guard in a little while, heading south for our last outing before Bud takes her home tomorrow! We have errands to run and a fun meeting to attend this morning, then more errands!

I’ll let tomorrow take care of itself…

it usually does!


  1. Wonderful post! Justin told me that he had a note on the employee dry erase board saying "Lanetta says Hi!" when he got to work this evening! Very cool of you to think to leave a message for him! HUGS to you and Oleta! Love y'all!

    1. Thanks, Tammy!

      The message was supposed to include Granny, too! When we left Walmart, Momma wanted something cold to drink for the ride home and I immediately thought of Justin! Sorry we missed him!

      Hugs back at you from the both of us!
      Love ya!


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