Friday, October 9, 2015

Let Others Know!

In my blog articles, I focus on the positive. Providing inspirational ideas, creative suggestions to get the juices flowing, and thoughts to ponder, it is the reason I write. From comments left on my personal Facebook wall & Lanetta’s Creations page, and the handful left here, I know people stop by on occasion and read what I’ve shared.

That’s fabulous!

I’m wondering, though, what does it take to get folks to “share” one of my articles? Maybe they aren’t particularly interested in whatever it is I’ve created.

But, for example, a wheelchair quilt with a foot pocket ~ maybe one of their friends or family members may, if they knew about it!

Or, at least, want to know someone who could make one for a Loved One! ~~~~ Me!

When I share an Action Quilt (aka Fidget Quilt) I’ve made, it absolutely breaks my heart when I hear:

“I wish I had had one for my (insert Loved One) before (s)he died.”

Recently, I had a lady place an Action Quilt on her lap and fiddled with the different doo-dads. Tears filled her eyes as she told me, “Oh, I wish my Daddy had had this before he died.”

I’ve said it many times: I’m always late to the party.

But, I’m here now.

I just need to figure out how to get others that know, let others know!

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