Thursday, December 29, 2016

The Fifth Day of Christmas


Over the years, some have asked me, “Why do you write a blog?” That’s a very good question! Sometimes, I wonder the same thing! There are various reasons why, but primarily to leave something behind that I hope will inspire and encourage others to create – something, anything!

It warms my heart when I hear from someone about an article I may have written a few years back, something they had been searching for on how-to do, or if it will work for them as well. A simple comment from someone does make my day!

For some reason, right now, I cannot leave a reply/comment on blogspot – even my own! There’s a glitch somewhere that I hope to get resolved soon!

Creating things – whether it’s quilts, doll clothes, aprons, Action Quilts (aka Fidget Quilts), Prayer Flags, etc. – is such a huge part of my being, my soul. It’s a part of me because everything I do is prayerfully done. I so appreciate this gift I inherited from my mother, and learned from grandmothers, aunts, and others ~ every day. Simply, I want to share with others!

Through this blog, it is my hope and prayer to inspire others… but, how?

  1.  Create a virtual environment that cultivates creativity
  2.  Promote thinking outside of the box
  3.  Facing challenges
  4.  Share ideas and methods
  5.  Nurture heroes!

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