Monday, December 26, 2016

The Second Day of Christmas

Have you ever wondered why it has been “customary” to use the colors Red and Green during the Christmas season? Certainly blue, white, gold, silver, purple, and really any color can be, and are, used to decorate. I believe most of us celebrating Christmas do look at red and green together and think, Christmas.

What’s the significance?

I went on an Internet search to find out…

Beyond the religious significance, red and green represents nature’s bright colors, the colors predominately remaining in an otherwise cold dreary winter landscape! It brings indoor the vivid colors of evergreens and holly berries and poinsettias…

This Christmas I stepped out of the “customary” box and wrapped 99.9% of the gifts given in this lovely paper, tied with either gold or silver or both wire ribbons…

Next year, I’m going back to the traditional, maybe, we’ll see!

What are your favorite “Christmas” colors?

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