Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Seventh Day of Christmas

The end of 2016 is upon us! I hope it’s been a blessed year for everyone!

I wish sewing machines and longarm quilting machines came with something like a vehicle’s trip odometer! I know tractors have hours run time, so why not the machines? I may look into adapting something like this in the coming year! I know I could use a stop watch and write down the time spent, but I’ve been there, done that. It doesn’t work out very well for me!

Sometimes I look around my sewing room, and various fabric and material stash places I have throughout the house and my garden house, and I don’t think I’ve accomplished anything through the year. But, because I’ve kept a daily journal for almost two years now (such a huge help), I can go back and at least indicate the projects I’ve worked on in 2016!

Progress Report for 2016:

27 quilts created –
            10 were for Veterans!
            3 are still WIP (work in progress)!

NOTE:  Only one quilt created and finished was put up for sale in my Artfire shop. At this time, it’s still available.

The others have either been donated,
offered as a raffle fundraiser, 
or in the holding stage waiting for the perfect donation.

11 quilts quilted for others –
8 were for Veterans
2 were for Cancer Patients
1 was to wrap in love and hugs

8 Action Quilts (aka Fidget Quilts)

3 Pocket Prayer Quilts

An Apron donation for silent auction fundraiser

It has been a busy year!

So much yet to do!

So many more Veterans to cover!

So many things to create!

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