Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fourth Day of Christmas - Doll Clothes

Oh, my, goodness…the love for creating handmade doll clothes must be a genetic thing! Between my mother and paternal grandmother, they made all the doll clothes my Chatty Cathy ever wore. If I recall correctly, a great-aunt also made some doll clothes for her! When Barbie came on the scene, they made those itty bitty clothes, too. I’m very fortunate that both dolls, and their handmade wardrobes, are still in my life!

My two nieces played with my dolls whenever they visited. I don’t remember them having much interest with Chatty Cathy, but they thoroughly enjoyed playing with Barbie and her two best friends. As I did while growing up, both nieces took excellent care of the dolls and their doll clothes. This tender loving care is why my treasures are basically in the same condition as when I first received them as Christmas gifts.

Although I will admit, Chatty Cathy’s hair is a bit unruly and I’ve tried rolling, but it remains the same!

After a long absence from the machine, in 2007 I started sewing again. I decided to make Chatty Cathy some new doll clothes. The simple act of sewing, of creating handmade clothes for my first doll, became a passion I’d not ever before experienced! Many times I wonder if the generations before had the same passion. I know they had the same love, as it showed in their faces when they presented me with their handmade gift.

This is one of the first dresses I made for Chatty Cathy when I began sewing again. Made with seer-sucker, cotton, and a bit of trim, I just love this dress!

Sometime in 2008, I realized the American Girl doll wore the same size clothes as Chatty Cathy. I became so excited and shared the news with my sister ~ not that I could afford to buy an AG doll! One day, during chat time over the Internet, my sister & I both looked at the AG site and she asked me which one was my favorite. I couldn’t decide between Mia (2008 Girl of the Year) or Nellie (Historical Character Samantha’s best friend).

Low and behold, a week later, both dolls arrived! I was so SHOCKED and pleasantly surprised at the GENEROUS gift my sister gave me! Trust me, I know how blessed I am to have such a supportive, loving big sister!

See how cute Chatty Cathy's dress looks on Mia:

(I like the red ribbon belt better than the white that Chatty had on in her picture.)

It wasn’t until 2010 that I decided to open Lanetta’s Creations and take a stab at selling my Handmade in Texas doll clothes for 18 inch dolls. I've created special studio section "Doll Clothes - American Girl inspired" but it's Chatty Cathy inspired, too!

Just recently, and thanks to my lovely, generous mother, I now have an American Girl Bitty Baby! I named her Wendy, after a character in one of my favorite childhood stories, Peter Pan. She wears 15 inch clothes that I'm slowly adding outfits to the studio section, Doll Clothes - Bitty Baby Inspired.

This was her first outfit I made:
Then the next one...

More are coming!!!

I’m so thankful that between my online store, Arts and Crafts Shows, Trunk Shows, and custom orders, doll clothes handcrafted at Lanetta’s Creations have become a huge success. It warms my heart knowing girls (of all ages!) are dressing their dolls with the Handmade in Texas doll clothes I’ve created, and playing with dolls like the ones I love.

Use coupon code 4thday at checkout and receive 15% off American Girl inspired doll clothes for the 18 inch dolls until 1/6/2012 (one coupon per customer)!!!


  1. great to see your pictures. I've recently taken on the task of making some doll clothes for my granddaughter, who has a Chatty Kathy passed down from her mom. Glad to know I can use the 18" patterns for her. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. You are very welcome! What a treasure your granddaughter now has - a keepsake doll forever!

      When you have a chance, check out my ArtFire store under the "Doll Clothes - American Girl Inspired" shop section. There you'll see several items where both Chatty Cathy and AG's are modeling the same outfit.

      Just like all patterns, sometimes adjustments are needed, but they generally work perfectly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be glad to help!


  2. Those dolls are wonderful! Heres' a useful a tip: you can try and blow the dolls' rolled hair with a hair blower if you want to fix them up. Trust me, it works!

    Loretta Boronat

    1. Thank you, Loretta! I may just try that on Chatty Cathy! Bless her heart. She's had a bad hair day for the past fifty years! ;)

  3. I inherited my aunt's Chatty Cathy and I can't get her hair to behave AT ALL!!! I usually just put some cutesy little barrettes on either side of her head and call it a day. Your dolly dresses are very cute, by the way. It's good to know that American Girls can wear those clothes too.

    1. What a treasure you have!

      Barrettes are the best! Yes, her hair is very unruly! Thank goodness they've come a long way on doll's hair in the past 50+ years!

      Enjoy your aunt's Chatty Cathy! She's a keeper for sure!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for this post and the information i was searching for .... having recently acquired patterns for the chatty cathy dolls and was wondering it they would work for American dolls as well so thank you very much happy new year 2016 jill

    1. You are welcome! I'm glad I could help!
      Thank you for taking the time to write! It has actually made my day!

    2. And, Happy New Year 2016 to you as well!!!


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