Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Third Day of Christmas - More Apron News!

I have had such a fun time creating aprons for little girls! Throughout the process ~ from designing to cutting out the fabric, then sewing and finding the perfect embellishment trim ~ I envision the young chef playing in her make-believe kitchen, or standing on a step stool at the kitchen cabinet helping her grandmother/granny. That’s what I did! My nieces always helped their granny when they were young, then their boys stood on the same stool next to their great-granny about thirty years later!

This brings me to share the first of two new aspects now in Lanetta’s Creations apron department! A new studio section, Aprons for Either, will have waist and chef aprons that either a woman or man would wear! Although Lanetta’s Creations’ primary focus will remain on the woman of all ages – from little girls to the grown woman – I also know men want and wear aprons, too!

An example of a chef's apron that any Dallas Cowboy fan, whether man or woman, would love to wear (especially when the Cowboy's decide to play!):

I also plan to make aprons that boys won’t mind wearing! For right now, their aprons will be included in the Aprons for Children section, or in the–– 

Aprons for Tweens & Early Teens is another new studio section for easy shopping at Lanetta’s Creations. This section will showcase especially designed and created aprons for ages 8 through 15.

I recently custom made an apron for an eleven year old girl using this fabric:

In the style/design requested:
An after-Christmas report said she loved the apron and
it fit her perfectly!

Use coupon code 3rdday at checkout for 15% off aprons listed in Aprons for Either or Aprons for Tweens to Early Teens studio sections! Free shipping, too! Sale ends 1/6/2012! One coupon use per person!

It is the hope of Lanetta's Creations to provide the aspiring or accomplished chefs of all ages ~ and gender ~ with an apron they will love and treasure for a very very long time!

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