Monday, December 26, 2011

First Day of Christmas - Christian Beads for Prayer

On this First Day of Christmas, I thought I would take time to explain how the Christian Beads for Prayer came to be something I wanted to create and offer at Lanetta’s Creations. For me, it was one of those “right time” moments and “right place” type event. It was the “right time” for me, as my heart was open. And, as a Protestant, I was in the “right place” to receive the acceptance, the symbolism of what Christian Beads for Prayer can hold for a person of faith.

Back in 2010, this is one of the Christian Beads for Prayer I created especially for my niece, who ran the 2500th Marathon in Greece:

Anyway, to the rest of my story...
While visiting my sister in her home, I happened to notice a short strand of beads with decorative spacers resting in a glass bowl on top of her desk. One end had a cross (I don’t remember what was on the opposite end). As we both grew up Protestant, I asked her what they were for, since utilizing beads was not part of our religious upbringing. She briefly explained something like, “When holding them, it helps me to focus on God during prayer.” I couldn’t really get anything else from her, other than there was no specific prayer for each bead, that it’s personal to the individual.

Over the years I’ve seen lovely rosaries friends had and often wondered about the prayers they recited, and the symbolism between the beads and spaces. But, as a Protestant, using a rosary was never part of my religious training or upbringing. Never before had I heard of Christian Beads for Prayer, but when my sister introduced me, I fell in love with them, and the concept, immediately!

Although I’ve made several, my sister created a strand for me and I keep her Christian Beads for Prayer with me always. This past summer, when our dad came close to being called home twice, holding on to those beads while praying gave me such comfort words can never express.

Bottom line, the Christian Beads for Prayer are, simply put, a tactical focus tool. This simple tool is intended to bring the person a sense of focus, an awareness of the physical connection during intimate times spent with God.

There is no specific prayer for the beads, or spaces, whether the first or second or last. As the act of praying is in of itself unique, how to use the Christian Beads for Prayer is also unique to the individual during their contemplative prayer or spiritual reflection.

I thoroughly enjoy creating each one of the Christian Beads for Prayer that I’ve ever made. They are great to carry in the pocket or purse, or given as a gift to those confined to bed, away traveling, or deployed, defending our country. Oh, my, goodness. They sure work for me!

To begin the celebration, this First Day of Christmas, my Christian Beads for Prayer are on sale for the next twelve days! Yes! Receive half off when you use the coupon code: 1stDay. Free Shipping also continues!


  1. What a wonderful way to start the Twelve Days of Christmas, but with the story of Prayer Beads. They are very personal and so meaningful for me. I have given many sets away to those in need (and who wanted to hold on to something to stay focused on their prayers). I don't think I have anymore...I will be taking alook at your items.

  2. THank you for sharing - I will be looking at the prayer beads shortly. Have a wonderful 2012.

  3. Hope you both find one you'll enjoy!


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