Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Second Day of Christmas - Aprons

I have created aprons for many years and love each one I’ve ever made! My sister still has the first one I made/gave her, probably forty five years ago! And, Mother continues to wear the ones I’ve made her over the years, too! It’s good to see first-hand how nicely my work has held up over the years. Like vintage aprons of today, given the loving care they deserve, I know my aprons will live on, too – long after me!

This is my sister’s original apron I made her…

Since Lanetta’s Creations began, I’ve made oodles more for my sister, for her and for her to give! Besides during cooking fabulous meals in her own home, she loves to wear an apron, cobbler style, while gardening and a different one while serving food during special events at her church.

One particular apron I made for Momma – about thirty years ago – she only uses around Christmas time. It came about after she found and bought a lovely set of china with holly and berries on white, something she’d always wanted: special Christmas china. I was into quilting at the time and decided to make her an apron with a matching table runner to complement the china’s pattern. She has used them both every Christmas since!
Except, of course, this year, when I wanted to take a picture to share! She says the bib part of the apron needs to be adjusted since her body shape has changed!?! (Haven't we all!) I learned the apron is in her mending box, rather than giving it back to me to adjust! That will be corrected in time for next Christmas!
Anyway, it’s wonderful how the love of wearing an apron has come full circle! And, now more and more people want individualized ~ unique ~ special ~ Handmade in the USA ~ aprons. To meet this need, Lanetta’s Creations has a new shop section called: Aprons in the Raw. Check often because as I organize my stock, I'll continue to list selections! Also, I can't refuse awesome fabrics whenever I visit lovely shops! It's such a weakness of mine!

The Aprons in the Raw concept is a little different than a customized apron. The “raw” aspect means I already have the fabric! The customer will select the fabric (as if buying an already constructed apron) then tell me how to make it! I will continue to accept and produce custom made aprons upon request!

A “custom made apron” is when someone wants specific colors/print/theme/style that I don’t already have the fabric/materials in stock to make the apron. For example, I had a client contact me wanting a chef apron for her husband out of camo fabric! Not a problem! He was a happy camper when he received it in time for hunting season!

I'm sure he's a happy camper again once he opened the surprise Christmas gift his wife ordered from me! I can't wait to hear!

(NOTE: A client is always welcome to mail me the 100% cotton fabric of their choice and I’ll make the apron style they request at a discounted price!) 

Since starting Lanetta’s Creations, I’ve created many apron designs using colors and prints and styles I found appealing. This approach is like a builder constructing spec houses. Sometimes they sell, sometimes they don’t. At least, with an apron, I can redesign it, add something, or turn it into a doll dress!

Rather than creating “spec” aprons, Aprons in the Raw will offer choices. I’ll take pictures of coordinating fabrics I have in stock, list them, and the customer can tell me which style to make!

For example, another client asked for Christmas aprons (and in specific styles) to give as gifts this year. I took several pictures of fabrics I had available and emailed them to her. She then selected the ones she wanted, and for whom, and told me the body types and height of each woman. Easy as pie! And, she was able to give the perfect gifts!

This is an example of one of the pictures I took to show a combination of fabrics I thought would make a lovely apron:

And, the final result in the style requested:

I think the Aprons in the Raw approach will work nicely! There are a couple of new designs/styles I still want to create, even though they will be a spec! Ah! They are lovely! In any case, the main objective/goal at Lanetta’s Creations is for each person to have an apron they want, or the one they want to give. It is my wish to create a treasure that will last into vintage years, way beyond me!

I'm excited! Hope you will be, too!

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