Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mix-up

Good morning! I hope everyone has a fabulous Monday. Go ahead, mix-up everything and learn something new today! (I found this photo by MarkHillary on 

I'm taking a break from writing articles for a while. So rather than me listing different websites I've found this morning, this day, for this post, I'm asking you to comment with a link to a favorite craft idea, organizing tip, something inspirational, something, anything.

Are you out there?

Just wondering!


  1. I love it has online classes, some of which are free. I am taking the free BOM quilt course, it will last the year 2012.I have made the first two blocks, now to do the next two for Feb. See ya there!

    1. I didn't realize had online classes & some are free! Great to know! Thanks for sharing... I'm going over there now!


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