Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts – New Bag in the House

Saturday I decided I needed – actually, I wanted – a new everyday bag. Although the main sewing part was done by Sunday afternoon, I had to give my hands a break from working with the thick quilted fabric. I finished the tad bit of handwork last night (only because the fabric was too thick to go through my machine) and now I’m ready and excited to “stuff” it with my essentials!

The lovely piece of quilted double-sided fabric was a “just because” gift from my sister. It took a while (months) savoring and contemplating what to create, then Saturday it hit me! I didn’t want to add another fabric and lose the back side contrast. The fabric is nice and thick on its own, so no need for any type of padding, and certainly would be too thick for self-lining. It was almost a machine breaker as it was! I finished the raw edges using the serger. 

I only used a commercial pattern piece to cut out the basic shape of the bag, everything else came from “making it work” as I went along. Only one pocket is sewn in (and can be seen from the outside), and it's on the side of the bag. Two other custom made pockets inside hang from the “waistband” so only I know where they are. One has a flap to keep little things like lipstick and lip gloss from falling out. The other hanging pocket, I can easily slip my cell phone down in and its weight should keep it there nicely. I rarely put a pocket on the outside of a bag or purse. It’s not a safe place to keep anything, so why waste the time and fabric?!?

The exterior flap has a hook and loop type closure. I took a scrap of the fabric and took it apart from the padding & backside and made the pretty yo-yo, then added the button for a bit of embellishment.

I quickly discovered the recommend buckram, or some type of stiffener, was needed for the bottom of the bag. The Translucent Drapery Buckram I purchased along with the pattern was not near stiff enough for this fabric so I blew it off (originally!). Not to mention, the entire bag was already sewn together! OOPS! What I did... I made a sleeve effect and slipped a piece of cardboard inside, then stitched the end closed. I then used good ole hook and loop and attached it to the bottom! Now, if I need to wash the bag, I can pull it out without any problems!

It will be a while before I create bags for Lanetta's Creations. When I do, it will be a custom made, specific order indeed!

Don't let commercial patterns be the law of the sewing room! Make it work for you! If you ever need any help, contact me and I'll do my "bestest" to work things out with you! Or, feel free to join the Sewists Group on Facebook and ask away!

Now I'm going to transfer my things into my new bag!

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  1. Off to make a Kindle Fire cover to match! Just realized I also need a little pencil/pen bag so no pokes through the fabric!


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