Sunday, February 5, 2012

Start Sunday

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It goes without saying it’s not just on Sunday that I begin the day with a heartfelt dose of gratitude. My morning prayers always begin with a “Thank You”. It’s the way I start Sunday, and every day.

Today’s post is different than what I usually write about. Today I’m sharing a personal story. The purpose is filled with the hope that encourages you to always stay true to your own heart. It's a reminder, not just for you, but for me, too!

I once received a book filled with instructions on how to pray. The giver wrote an inscription congratulating me on graduating from college after years of off/on pursuit (2006). Within her congratulatory comments, she suggested / directed me to this page and that page within the book. Although I’ll always appreciate the gesture, oddly enough however, reading through it almost destroyed me. According to this book, to this writer (and apparently the giver), I have never prayed correctly. And, because of this, God never would hear my prayers (or that He had ever heard them throughout my years).

Other than my husband, who saw my flood of tears at the drop of a hat, it took me several months to reveal my devastation to anyone. When I did, I found out my dear friend also had a copy of the same book. I learned she had never interpreted it the way I had. She got her book off the shelf as I pointed out the different writings ~ I had gone through my book over and over again, using a yellow highlighter, noting the tear stained places I found crushing my spirit. The author used scripture to show how to pray “accurately” is the only way to have prayers heard.

She was baffled. She spoke with her pastor and it was then both of them saw/read what I immediately saw/read. When she got back with me, she (and her pastor) agreed with my husband ~ who had been trying to tell me all along ~ and assured me that my conversations, my prayers with God were indeed heard, always had been, always will be.

I burned the book. I didn’t want it in my home, on my bookshelf, anywhere around me. In a way, I wish now I had first made a photocopy of the inscription. But, since it included references to different pages within the book the giver thought I should read, it is better I didn’t keep a copy. It would only be a reminder of what the giver really thought of me and how she believed I needed to learn how to pray correctly and accurately–

I do. I’m heard.

It’s beyond me why I felt the need to share this story today, or ever. Maybe there is someone reading this going through a similar situation of questioning ~ rest assured, God hears you!

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