Sunday, February 26, 2012

Start Sunday

For weeks/months I have/had Lanetta’s Creations Studio “stuff” spread between the kitchen, living room, guest bedroom, and the back bedroom. Much too much! I know I’ve often said I needed to organize, but was never really able to get a handle on things. I must do it this time! I know I've shared pictures before. No need to embarrass myself again. 

This morning I started with the kitchen. Although I use the kitchen's island to cut out new items, however I don’t need it like it is/was! The island was only half functional for "kitchen" duty! I must change my thinking: “Oh, but I’m doing that one next” but next may be days or weeks away! No. Organizing, and even downsizing is a must, before anything else is created. Unless, of course, I receive a special order!

The buffet top here in the living room is now cleared of “stuff” that didn’t belong. Shirts ironed and hung in the closet (not in the doorway) and the laundry is now caught up and even folded/put away! I accomplished bit of dusting. Honestly, I only managed simply wiping off the thick layer of dust collected over the past month or so while I made Kindle/NOOK Covers and Aprons and Doll Clothes. An earnest effort of polishing furniture will happen once everything’s in its proper place. I am so tired of clutter! I know my husband must be, too! He's been a good sport and is supportive, and the major source of encouragement, but I know he tires of all the "stuff" around here, too. 

Over the next few days I must focus my energy on the back bedroom. It’s such a pitiful mess. I know what happened to it. One day I was in a rush to find tubs to pack & carry to one of the 2011 Arts & Crafts Shows. Yep! It's been that long since the disaster struck! It will also be a great time to see things I’ve not seen in quite a while and decide what to keep, what to downsize and share with another crafter/sewist! When the back bedroom is organized, I can then merge the “stuff” from the guest bedroom. It will be nice to have it look pretty and inviting in there again.

Well, I think I have a game plan. And, I have the resolve and determination to get ‘ur done!


  1. Thank you, Sister!

    I keep reminding myself this mess didn't get like this overnight so not to panic trying to get it all done in a handful of days!

    I have NUMEROUS cat food sacks filled & taped up, ready for the trash bins! Many more to fill!


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