Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fun - Not!

Well, it's oops time around here! I've neglected to maintain accounting records on a daily or weekly or monthly basis for 2011! That side of the brain only works once a year! And, it's that "once a year" time over the course of the next SEVERAL HOURS! Poor me, I must stop being creative and do what's required!

(Photo by David Reber's Hammer Photography)

At least, my receipts are organized. I just need to record them in their proper place for the in-house tax man waiting not-so-patiently!

I'll be back at the sewing machine or on the laptop writing before too long...that's the game plan anyway!

Hope everyone has a fabulously fun-filled Friday, not an OOPS Friday!


  1. I dislike taxes. They have to many side effects; headache, stress, panic, lack of sleep, lack of time, confusion, and memory loss. Good luck

    1. Love it! It felt good to laugh! Especially the "memory loss" ;) !!!!

      The fun part is really about to start... posting receipts from fabric purchases throughout the ENTIRE year!!!

      Thanks for the good luck wishes, gonna need everything I can muster!


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