Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Sewing - Bag

I’ve spent way too much time last night and this morning revamping and redesigning this blog site. It’s still not like I want it, but it will do for now. When changing the template design, I lost the widget for folks to easily click “like” for Lanetta’s Creations Facebook page. Oh well. I’ve tried & tried to get it back using their code, but something’s not meshing together correctly. Maybe another day, another time…

It’s Saturday and I'm ready to sew! In fact, I’m ready to design and create a new bag for me! I’m tired of the one I’ve been using for over a year now ~ winter, summer, spring, or fall ~ it didn’t matter! In my opinion, the faux leather only gets better looking as it ages. I love this purse, but I’m simply ready for a change.

The week was spent creating Kindle Fire or NOOK Color covers/sleeves for Lanetta's Creations ArtFire shop. Will continue making more next week when I go back to work!

I haven't yet decided what fabric to use for my bag...

What are you working on?

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