Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sewing Camp 101 – Day 2

My goodness, we had a blast yesterday at So Sew Etc’s Sewing Camp 101! The young ladies shared their completed scissor sleeve (note to self: take pictures!) that they finished at home. Some completed the hand stitching of their name on the traced fabric, others will share today! Then we went over the parts of the sewing machine! Everyone, when called upon, pointed to the correct part! Oh, and then we went over a picture that had 10 hazards that should never ever be found in a sewing room! By George, they got it!

We also shared fabric selection for the different projects! They picked out some fun fun fabrics!

All the sewing machines were set up and ready for the participants when they arrived yesterday. When it was time, they began practicing machine sewing their name on a pre-printed piece of paper. After a few minutes, we began experiencing bobbin thread issues. It hit me on the way home, I know the participants turned the hand (fly) wheel backwards many times – and experienced sewists know how badly that can mess up the bobbin! It certainly was a “duh” moment in my brain! Better late than never!

The plan is today to show where/how to rest the heel when pressing the foot pedal!

Anyway, we’ll get it all going straight & forward today!

I’m so thankful I thought ahead and took a box… yes! One young lady cannot sit properly on the chair and her feet reach the floor! The box was the perfect height to place the foot pedal and she is now sewing up a storm!

The main parts of the drawstring bag are cut out and pinned together – the last thing we did yesterday! We are ready to sew first thing today! We should be able to finish the bag today! Then move on to our next project – the pillowcase!

Moving right along…………. Day 3!

P.S. As the participants were leaving, one stopped at the “log cabin quilt” table where I’ve displayed some reference and inspirational books and magazines for them to look at and said, “Miss Lanetta, we didn’t look at your books.” I responded with, “We didn’t have time, did we? We were sewing! Maybe tomorrow we can.” She smiled, turned, and left out the front door. 

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