Friday, June 22, 2012

Sewing Camp 101 - Day 4

Yesterday was a hectic day at So Sew Etc’s Sewing Camp 101! Everyone practiced a bit sewing “straight” lines (still a challenge!) using the pressure foot as a guide for the ¼” seam allowance. Then we moved on to finish the drawstring bag!

I must say, sewing two seams along both 9.5” sides of the bag – creating “French seams” – honestly took much longer than I anticipated/expected for a few sewists. The others simply followed my directions to the letter and successfully (and quickly) completed their bags.

While waiting for the others to finish, they made excellent use of their time… looking through the reference/inspirational books, practicing sewing their name on the paper printout provided, or hand stitching more embellishments on their fabric square given out the first day.

Because the camp is only two hours long, and only one bag left to finish, it was only fair to the others to call a time out after one hour. It was then time to move on and everyone start working on the pillowcase!

And, because we only had an hour left, Miss Gail and I went around and cut one edge of the fabric straight so the sewists would have a “good” end to measure from. With a bit of help, sewists began to measure, mark, and cut the different fabric pieces to size.

Then my Senior Moment happened! Yes! I told everyone never to tell, rather I’ll tell on myself! Using my own written instructions, my mind went totally blank how to lay out the fabric pieces on top of one another (to do the roll-up method). Totally frustrated letting outside distractions get to me, I was close to tears because I felt I was disappointing the sewists!

I finally had to read my instructions out loud. Then my OWN light bulb went off in time for the sewists to get the pieces pinned together and one sewist had time to get it stitched together!!! {Did you hear my big sigh yesterday?}

I’m so thankful I have one more day to share… Day 5!

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