Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sewing Camp 101 - Day 5

Oh my goodness! What an amazing final day yesterday at So Sew Etc’s Sewing Camp 101! The ladies arrived filled with excitement, ready to finish their pillowcases! Everyone also remembered to bring back their finished drawstrings bags!
Before they started sewing the “roll” they did another little practice by sewing a straight line! Which reminds me, my only regret I have about this whole week… I didn’t save the first day’s stitching samples. What a difference a few days of practicing makes!

I don’t know if you’ve taken the time to look through the photo album “Sewing Camp” over on the Facebook page, but I hope you will sometime! When looking over the pictures, note the facial expressions while the participants are sewing!!! Priceless!

On the drive home yesterday, tears welled up in my eyes thinking about the week. I don’t want this to be about “me” because it’s the ladies who “did it” – they got it! But, I told myself “I Did It”!!!! I had a dream, to teach my love of sewing to the next generation of sewists, and things all fell into place to accomplish turning a dream into reality!

I encourage everyone, teach the next generation something you love! It's a Wrap is the rest of the story!


  1. The week wasn't about you. When we give, we receive so much more in return. Love you! Me

    1. Very true, Me!!! (I wish I knew who "me" is!)

      I guess I stated it wrong... I never intended for, or thought in my own mind, the week was about me. It wasn't, it was about the next generation of sewists.

      I was simply talking about a dream and is what I meant by "I did it" was that I put out into the universe a dream I had and because the ladies "got it" my dream became a reality.

      It's amazing when dreams come true.


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