Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sewing Camp 101 - Day 3

My goodness, time flew by yesterday during So Sew Etc’s third day of Sewing Camp 101! I only made the time to take ONE picture! Otherwise, we were working! UPDATED with pictures Miss Gail shared!! Before our work day began, I wanted to see their scissors secured inside the sleeves everyone hand stitched –  

We were busy at the sewing machines or ironing boards for almost the entire two hours!

A bit of recap: at the end of Day 2, sewists had measured and cut out their drawstring bag’s main fabric and its two accent pieces then left the project at their table area:
            Main fabric measures 10” x 16”
            Accent fabric (2) measures 10” x 3”

  1. Accurate measuring with yard stick and marking wrong side of fabric with #2 pencil or marking pencil
  2. Cutting 2 pieces at once (folding fabric straight, etc.)
  3. Accurate cutting
We then pinned, with wrong sides together, accent pieces to the main bag fabric

  1. Matching and pinning cut edges evenly across the 10” end
When I arrived yesterday (well before the ladies), I went around and checked everyone’s work. I immediately realized I needed to address the matching/pinning objective before we went over to the machines. To save a bit of time, I had corrected one end, leaving the other end ready for them to re-pin. Once done, sewists went to the machines!

Now on to Day 3!

Soon as the participants sat down at their machine, I explained how to:
  1. Keep their heel on the floor and press the pedal only with the ball of the foot and toes. This is how even, slow pressure is much easier to maintain.
  2. Only turn fly wheel forward, NOT backwards!

Okay… it was then I pulled out my Speeding Ticket pad and told them I would write tickets for speeding and for going the wrong way (fly wheel)!!!!

We had ZERO speeders!
We had ZERO malfunctions with the bobbin and its casing
(meaning: no one went the wrong way!!!)

I saw another light bulb go off – that magical moment – when it makes everything so worthwhile!

What the participants did:
  1. Stitched across accent pieces, attaching to main fabric
  2. Pressed stitching line to meld stitches, then pressed seam open
  3. Cut lining out based on the previously sewn fabric
  4. Pinned edges together - matching up cut edges perfectly
  5. Stitched around the entire bag, leaving a 3" hole for turning (back-tack at start & finish learned), removing pins before sewing over!
  6. Trimmed corners off for a nice pointed corner later
  7. Pressed stitches to meld
  8. Turned fabric right side out through opening
  9. Gently used knitting needle to poke out corners
  10. Pressed
  11. Turned down accent pieces, pinned, then stitched across (made the casing for the ribbon)
  12. EXCITEMENT building indeed!

First thing today (Day 4), a bit more practicing sewing a STRAIGHT line and pivoting at a corner!!!

Then we have 2 more seams (per side) to do on the drawstring bag and it will be ready for their ribbon! This project will be done! Participants don’t realize it yet, but they are doing a “French seam” finish on the bag!

Rest assured, I will take pictures with my camera and post tomorrow!!!

I sincerely hope we also get the pillowcase project totally done today! It’s doable!

Please keep the new generation sewists (and me) in your prayers!

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