Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bite Size Pieces

Are you interested in making a quilt, but find quilt blocks intimidating? Well, some are for sure! When I look at award winning quilts at the State Fair of Texas, and online, many are certainly far above my skill level! However, I don’t let that stop me from creating others, less complicated yet beautiful, quilts!

September of last year, during National Sewing Month, I posted daily articles focused on making quilt tops. “It’s that time again” begins the series. Click “newer post” at the bottom to read the next day, then so on and so forth. 

Anyway, I met Linda M. while working the Elections. She and I worked together several days during the early voting period one year. Because of the low number of voters coming in, we had a bit of “down time” between citizens exercising their right. I had brought several quilting magazines. I believe she brought a crossword book ~ I’m not sure ~ because we both ended up looking through my magazines, together!

NOTE: Please cast your vote when the time comes!

Linda shared she hadn’t really done much sewing since her now grown children were young. She does beautiful embroidery/cross-stitch work – as she brought a “show and tell” piece one day. While looking through the magazines, it was fun hearing her recall how many of the designs brought back memories of quilts her mother had created.

She commented on a quilt she saw, something about it being too difficult for her to ever create. I took a pencil, drew hard lines around each block, and suggested, “Break it down into bite size pieces.”

I could see the light bulb going off!

This is my process when I see a “free” quilt pattern. Because of having limited bandwidth issue, I cannot download patterns. So, I print off a sheet of graph paper, sharpen my pencil, find a straight edge, and go to work. Although I have a picture, I need to “see” the block on graph paper.

So, the next time you see a fabulous quilt, break it down into bite size pieces to see how it is put together. Make a spin off, to make it your own!

When you’re ready to create a quilt, I found an amazing site chalked full of invaluable information at about home. I highly recommend it, even for the experienced quilter!

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