Monday, September 21, 2015

Become a Superhero!

The beginning of September, when Sew for the Charity of It! celebration began, I suggested to find a cause, or two, or three, and begin sewing, creating handmade items to give to those needing comfort.

I couldn’t pass up not sharing something I recently discovered! Oh, my! The Enchanted Makeovers’s Capes for Kids mission!

“Transforming Shelters for Women and Children from Surviving to Thriving Spaces”

This fabulous non-profit organization believes:

Capes for Kids represents hope. Since every cape is unique and handmade with love, each child who receives one will feel their own superpowers, and know that they have the strength and ability to create whatever they want for their lives.Sending Hope, Faith, and Love to Children Living in Shelters Across the Country.

As children, we often play “dress up”. But beyond just having fun, the clothing or costumes we put on our body send us a message.

Many children play “Superhero” because the messages that Superheroes “save the day” is everywhere, but Enchanted Makeovers believes it’s not about calling on “superman” or “supergirl” to swoop in.

It's about calling on our own strength, from within, that we never knew we had. It’s about the power of our minds, tapping into our imaginations. 

It's about putting on our daily armor and believing in ourselves.When our programs were being developed, the goal was to teach the children life skills as well as coping skills. The power of imagination is infused throughout. As Dr.Victor Frankl, the author of Man’s Search for Meaning pointed out, when you can imagine survival, you will survive. For the children, the “Capes for Kids” program ignites the imagination and creativity.

As a kid, did you play dress-up? I certainly did!

I made a cape for one of the grandson’s several years ago… it’s from Papa’s recycled t-shirt. It was when the youngest was into Batman. Because he lives in Dallas, and we live on the ranch, this is the only time – since the birthday – we saw him in the cape!

What about joining the Capes for Kids program? Or, simply make capes for kids living in your local  family shelter!

On the website, and was published in the December/January 2014 issue of FamilyFun magazine, they’ve teamed up with Enchanted Makeovers for this campaign. They also have a free, simple cape pattern.

Limitations live only in our minds.
But if we use our imaginations,
our possibilities become limitless.
~ Jamie Paolinetti

What an amazing project to be involved in ~ helping kids find their empowerment through imagination!

I’m going to go make a cape… or two, or ten! Will you?

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