Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Back Up and Catch Up

On Friday, September 30th, I did a first! As it worked out, if I was going to attend the State Fair of Texas this year, I had to go it alone. No problem. Rather than driving a vehicle, I rode the Dallas Area Rapid Transit Rail (transferring once) out to the fairgrounds and back. Fabulous! Only way to go in my opinion! While at the fair, I saw my ~ first time ever to enter ~ award winning entries! It was beyond thrilling. I stopped a lady and asked if she’d take a picture of me with my apron… she was almost as excited as I was!

Saturday evening was my 40th High School Class reunion… another event I had to go it alone. It turned out beautifully and I had a great time catching up with my fellow classmates.

Sunday, after a post-class reunion brunch event, I headed back to the country, to my family, and studio. It was great to be home.

The week flew by, preparing for the 17th Annual Herb & Art Fest on Saturday 10/8 in Lampasas, Texas. Well, that didn’t pan out like I’d hoped! Something unusual happened: it RAINED! I quickly (within the first hour!) realized that Aprons, Doll Clothes, Bags, and Books don’t mix well with rain and wind! But, we haven’t received any measureable amount of rain since May and parts of Texas had had horrible wildfires that destroyed almost 2,000 homes during the summer. So the blessed rain (almost 5” worth!) was much more important than any arts/craft show!

After everything thoroughly dried out, I packed away items for the next (indoor) arts/craft show coming up in November! I then created a coupon for my online ArtFire Studio… 15% off total purchase until the end of October! Coupon code is: RAIN (of course)!

Yesterday, I began working on a book I started back on 11/1/2009. I hadn’t touched it, not one word, in over a year. A romance, The Next Time Around, is about a woman whose husband has been missing for years – how she’s coped, what she’s done to help others with missing loved ones. Her sister convinces her to finally have him declared dead and move on with her life, persuading her the next time around will be forever.

This is the working cover (subject to change):

I hope to finish the book by the end of this year and get the story out to my beta readers before turning it in to my editor! It’s doable, if I stay focused! Some have said my writing style is an “easy read” and I like that description. Many have shared they couldn’t the book down once they started reading it! I always love hearing that from readers, too! Anyway... signed copies of my current books, Where Forever Begins (Historical Romance) and Finding Closure (Contemporary Fiction), are available here.

Click on the book covers to read a snippet!

I’m still sewing, too! I have several custom apron orders to create for Christmas! I’m always ready to accept more orders! Just send me an email!

Time certainly flies by quickly when you’re having fun!

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