Monday, October 31, 2011

Nothing for Granted

It’s Halloween and we’ve already had a small “trick” played on us: we lost power about two o’clock this morning. Electricity didn’t return until almost five. Although I slept during most of the outage, it was odd not being able to check the time, or even see where I was going once I did get out of bed! It’s dark out here in the country! Low level lighting throughout the house and outside normally lights my path, but not today!

As I slowly woke ~ knowing there was no power ~ I thought, what could I do to continue with projects I’ve started and really need to get finished? I briefly put myself back in the day when there wasn’t electricity, but stopped my wandering mind knowing the women of yesteryear were already set up with lanterns, pedal sewing machines, etc.

Ah! A part of me would love to go back in time, to capture that experience (without knowing what I would be missing)!

Losing electricity, if for a little while, reminds me not to take anything for granted. And, I don’t have time to daydream. Thankfully ~ as I’m always grateful for the technology age I live in now ~ power is back on and I can get things done!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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