Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ramblings of a Designer

I need to design an apron to wear during art/craft vendor shows that displays my new logo.
A “special” apron was created for the show that got rained out a few weeks ago. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not thrilled over the way it fit me. I didn’t feel “good” wearing it. The plan simply didn’t come together like I’d envisioned with the much too heavy fabric I used. I ran out of time to create another one but I have time now before the next show.

The original apron will be perfect as a waist apron, one to wear while gathering okra or beans or whatever harvest from the garden! The bib part will be refashioned into a bag/tote I’ll use for carrying supplies! I’ll post pictures later!

I have a couple of ideas I’m tossing around for the new logo apron, and have found better, lighter weight fabric in the perfect color. Neither design idea, however, do I have a pattern to use!

I'm leaning toward reproducing the apron worn by Shirley Temple in a classic movie, I think it was Bright Eyes.
Or, one I saw worn by the nanny in the 2003 movie, Alex & Emma:

Okay, I’ve decided… I’m off to create a pattern… Wish me luck!

I'll post the result when it's done!

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