Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Along the same lines as I wrote about yesterday (finding stress busters)

 ~ Today feel the calm. Let it soak in…

Why do I create? Why do you?

It’s something I’m passionate about doing.
It’s my lifesaver.
It’s my centering point.

Early Christmas Eve morning, while the house was quiet, I happened across the embroidery website, SmartNeedle. I don’t usually “go there” because my sister is the Embroidery Expert in the family. She does beautiful work! But when I saw a couple of “free” patterns SmartNeedle offered, I couldn’t pass up the golden opportunity!

Then I went to their blog. It’s there I found the beginning of a two-part series called: Why Crafting is Good for You. Again, I highly recommend reading the full article where they explain the reasoning behind...

1.      It improves your overall focus.
2.      It helps us feel more calm.
3.      It can combat depression and help us feel happier.
4.      It boosts creativity and ingenuity.
5.      It may help you sleep better.
6.      It helps you develop good hand-eye coordination.
7.      It’s a great distraction from the stresses of everyday life.
8.      It sharpens your brain.
9.      It can increase your confidence and make you feel happier.
10. The mental benefits of crafting can help us feel better physically as well.
11. It gives you time for yourself, away from technology and other stimulation.

Embroidering is outside my comfort zone. I can manage a few labels for the Veteran Quilts, but that’s about the extent of my embroidery patience!

But, I’m going to give these two a try!

Crafting is good for me, and you!


  1. YOU can do this! Once you do, I bet you will like it, especially with designs that are a favorite.


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