Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It’s Official – I AM addicted to BOM's

Last February I wrote about finding a couple of FREE “Block of the Month” (BOM) challenges that were available online. In March, I shared a bit of my progress. Yesterday, I made/shared a to-do list.

Because I am using basically the same fabrics/color themes throughout the BOM's – of course Red White and Blue, they will be for our local Veterans once done.

1.     One BOM is still going. I think she’s on Block #90 (out of 100). Last year I shared a bit of my progress here. I'm not doing all 100... many are not appropriate for Veterans.

2.     One has all 12 blocks available for download, I’ve made 4. Photos of the first 3 are here.

3.     The third one I signed up for, I think I have 2 blocks made. I got frustrated with the website because it would take ages for the .pdf printable instructions to become available. I now have all the block patterns downloaded and am ready to finish it up.

I know. I know. I am addicted because just this week I discovered two more recently released Block of the Month challenges! Both are by the talented designer and quilter and writer Pat Sloan! I love her 2017 themes:

Children’s Library” (this is monthly)


Yes! I’ve downloaded the few block patterns she’s already shared for both BOM’s.

TIP:  I’m getting organized by downloading all the patterns for the different BOM’s on my laptop. I created separate file folders for each BOM challenge. I also created basically a blank Word document and saved it with only the link to the specific website.

I’ve promised myself, however, not to start on these two until the other three are FINISHED!

Have you ever done a Block of the Month challenge?

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