Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Tenth Day of Christmas

I'm making this sign for my sewing room!
We all live with stress, good and bad. I don’t know about you, but at times I feel like stress is choking me to death! So before the New Year really gets underway, I’m looking for ways to handle the unproductive emotions before they carry me away! I need some stress busters – el pronto!

I went to Google (of course I did!) and did a search…

The first article I found was on MedicineNet. I’ve simplified their 8 points, yet I would encourage you to read the full article. It’s powerful and on-point! Emphasis added is my take!

1.      Practice letting go [this will be difficult!]
2.      Breathe slowly and deeply [great reminder!]
3.      Speak slowly [need to do this!]
4.      Take care of one nagging responsibility [get it done!]
5.      Get outdoors for a break [even if it’s cold!]
6.      Drink water and eat small nutritious snacks [remember the advice from a tree?]
7.      Check posture [do it right now!]
8.      Plan a reward for yourself at the end of the day, give yourself time to fully relax [read more for fun!]

The next site I went to is also spot-on! In the World of Psychology’s article, they shared 10 stress busters! I just captured their main points. I would encourage you to read why they addressed that particular issue! It truly makes sense!

Simplify ~ Prioritize ~ Use pencil, not pen ~ Give away your cape ~
~ Collaborate and cooperate ~ Laugh ~ Exercise ~ Stop juggling ~
~ Build boundaries ~ Think globally

Then I went to Pinterest, to find us some visuals for stress busters. I’m such a visual learner, I know they will help me, and hopefully you’ll find them easier as well!

This is what stress does to us…. pretty scary stuff…

These are the signs and symptoms of stress…

And, this is what we can do…

I hope I’ve encouraged you to spend 2017 practicing these stress busters with me! 

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