Monday, May 9, 2011

Handprint Apron - literally!

In celebration of National Craft Month, on March 5th, I wrote “Caterpillar to Butterfly”. The article encouraged others to imagine, be inspired, and create.

Within the post I shared an idea to take a common kid’s craft of making handprints, and having the parents or grandparents make their own prints! I reflected on how I so wish I had my grandparents' handprints, so I could place my hand on theirs. I know it would bring me such peace.

My sister took the concept and ran with it! It was a collaboration of love that I couldn’t share more about until after yesterday, when the gift was given!

This is how it came to be: Sister told me what she wanted to do and asked if I would create a reversible waist apron for our cousin. She selected all the fabric and explained the plan: the front would be of Texas Bluebonnets.

The fabric used for the reverse side would have our aunt & uncle’s handprints and whatever else they wanted to put on it (3 John 4). When the paint was thoroughly dried, the fabrics were mailed to me.

I posted on Facebook... "Don't get me wrong, all the aprons I make are special. The one I just finished, however, was such a treasured blessing to create."

Indeed, as I made the apron, tears of joy kept filling my eyes knowing how much my cousin would treasure this priceless gift. I’ve never been more careful making anything in my life!

Once done, I mailed it back. My sister delivered the finished apron back to our aunt & uncle’s home, to await my cousin’s arrival from Colorado for Mother’s Day weekend celebration!

I had wanted to be a fly-on-the wall when she opened the gift. I know my cousin. I know how much she loves her parents. I know she values each moment she’s blessed to spend with them. With her living so far away (Texas/Colorado), now with the handprint apron she can physically touch the imprints of their hands anytime she wants!

Yesterday I waited anxiously to hear how she liked it… this is the message I received:

I absolutely love it!!!! I will cherish it ALWAYS! Just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes which overflowed when I opened it. You and your sister are amazing. THANK YOU!!!

I must say, this really is the coolest apron I’ve made yet!

Thank you, Sister, for coming up with this brilliant idea! I’m honored to have played a small role in making Teena so happy!

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  1. This was truely the most amazing gift I have ever received! Now, reading the rest of the story, makes it even more precious if that could be. Linda assures me it can be washed and the prints stay, I'm not certain I'll use it except for special occassions and when I need a hug from them. Additionally, Dad has always said "I love you the mostest", so "We love you the mostest" is printed across the top. This is more than an apron, it is a gift of love and a legacy. Thank you dear sweet cousins, Linda and Lanetta! Love,


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