Friday, May 6, 2011

Must vs Want

Pre-dawn quiet time is my favorite time of the day. I stood out on the east porch while enjoying a cup of coffee and took in the sights and sounds beginning a new day. The eastern skyline was just beginning to glow. Stars were fighting to stay visible, but faded quickly with their competition.

This is the time I lift up morning prayers and listen.

I was amazed hearing three different types of birds, repeating their calls over and over. Each seemingly trying to out-do the other species! In the distance, I heard turkeys doing their gobbling, probably down by the creek a few hundred yards away. All the while I watched five white-tail deer grazing in the front pasture, near the corral. The sounds and sights filled me with the blessings and love my Lord has given me.

This is also the time I mentally plan my day. Priorities, however, usually gets in the way of what I want to do! My oldest niece once told me, “Do what you must so you can do what you want.” It’s a motto she’s taught her boys. And, I begrudgingly agree!

Again today, like yesterday, rather than sew, I’ll work on my High School’s class reunion. The forty years have passed too quickly! The “committee” has lost contact with many of our classmates. It’s a struggle to keep up, especially finding the married women because of the last name change. We’ve located over 50% and our goal is to include everyone! Many have gathered on Facebook (I love the community FB brings!) and others through email contact. Still others may have Internet, but we don’t have that information – yet! I’m preparing addresses for snail mail labels – some maybe correct others not – for a letter to go out soon for our October 1st event. It’s then we’ll learn how many more addresses we need.

Since I’ve been home from my trip to Dallas, and before working on the reunion stuff, I was able to get a few projects completed that I listed in my last post. One more day dedicated to W. H. Adamson then I’ll take a break and do what I want! Because I want to sew!

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