Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Effective Time Management

At least for one day, I scratched off all six items I had listed the night before on a To-Do list, plus accomplished a bit more not listed! Effective time management is not one of my fortes. I don’t remember ever remaining so focused in getting things done around here, other than when I sew. Creating aprons or doll clothes or bags, especially when it’s a special customized order, I have no problems remaining focused. It’s all I want to do! And, that’s the problem… it’s the only thing I do! By not practicing effective time management, I’ve allowed a lot of things to slide and I’ve become horribly disorganized.

It’s getting the last bit of handmade Christmas gifts finished, and household chores that need to get done, is where I fail miserably until the last minute panic/rush. It was an amazing feeling to draw the last line through the words “Bake two Pecan Pies” and a simple reminder how much I can get done when I set my mind to it.

Because I want to become better focused, I’ve read a few articles on effective time management. Danny Yoon has some good ideas and links in his article, Effective Time Management Strategies For Success, and is where I found this clock picture that depicts my "former" ways perfectly!

I also highly recommend this article, 10 Common Time Management Mistakes. Avoiding the mistakes they mentioned made yesterday run smoothly. Here are the mistakes listed, and all were too familiar to me: 
Mistake #1 – Failing to Keep a To-Do List
Mistake #2 – Not Setting Personal Goals
Mistake #3 – Not Prioritizing
Mistake #4 – Failing to Manage Distractions
Mistake #5 – Procrastination
Mistake #6 – Taking on too Much
Mistake #7 – Thriving on “Busy”
Mistake #8 – Multitasking
Mistake #9 – Not Taking Breaks
Mistake #10 – Ineffectively Scheduling Tasks
Maybe their tips and suggestions, and other links shared, will also help you when it comes to implementing effective time management skills. This is my hope anyway!

Happy "to-do-ing" !!!

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