Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Measure Success

When you measure success, what's important? This is my two cents worth, but let me back up and start at the beginning. The Last Arts and Crafts Show for the year happened! Before the show I wrote about what products I should take as my area would be limited. As it turned out, however, I had an excellent location and lots of space! My “booth” was in the Judge’s Chambers! When I discovered my location, I learned the plan was to share with a lady offering Avon products. After she arrived, she wanted to be just outside the Judge's Chambers, inside the courtroom ~ where she was the year before.

This left me alone in the room, with the Judge’s desk, credenza, private bathroom (nice, especially because of the mirror folks used when trying on an apron), lots of windows, and two doors for customer entry/exit. I could have had everything with me! The model frames (Ethel and Lucy) wearing aprons would have been wonderful.

The back credenza worked beautifully to wrap purchased items in tissue before placing in Lanetta's Creations shopping bags! 

Anyway, the show was a huge success. How I measure success is more than selling products. Don’t get me wrong, I'm grateful when I'm able to recoup the booth fee and some of the material and fabric cost (and enough to buy more), but it’s not the only reason I participate. Each event is a learning process and the invaluable knowledge gained, and people I meet, is worth the time and effort.

Something I always have with me at every show: a notebook of paper and a pen clipped on the pages – ready to take notes.

I jot down things such as:
Specific colors people ask for in aprons, such as: a yellow/green retro combination and of horses.
Different style of apron, such as: cobbler (I’ve totally run out!)
A noticeable sign that reads: Handmade in Texas
 - Several people looking at my doll clothes didn’t realize I made them!

Self Reminder: demographics of my specific county are BOYS! Not little girls! For every little girl passing through the Judge’s chambers, I saw/counted at least five boys! Need to make/offer something for boys!!!

I made a few personal notes like, do not forget a soda (and a sandwich would be nice, too!). There are just so many granola bars one needs to eat in a day!
I try not to leave things to memory. I write down a lesson learned, a thought, as soon as possible in my trusty notebook! As Martha says, "It’s a good thing!"

How do you measure success while participating in an Arts and Crafts Show?

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