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Sixth Day of Christmas – Books written by Lanetta J. Sprott

Never did I think this statement would be true: “Books written by Lanetta J. Sprott”! Never did I aspire to become a writer, or ever think about writing a full-length novel. It was not until one day I was standing in my kitchen and a young girl, that I didn't know, came into my mind's eye. My breath caught in my throat as she flooded my mind with the entire love story of Jane and Thomas. The reader will never know it all came from Lauren because she played a minor role in Wherever Forever Begins, A Simple Love Story. And, she continues to speak to me, telling me what happens in their Journey through Forever, the sequel that’s a loving work in progress.
Trust me, I’m not going crazy with hearing voices! Other writers know exactly what I’m talking about!
It took four years writing their love story, in between working full time, helping to take care of our cattle ranch, and researching for the fine tune details. Then sending to different editors and beta readers, making their suggested corrections, and receiving multiple rejection letters later, I decided to self-publish. It's green to self-publish anyway! Since the release of Where Forever Began, a mid-1800’s historical romance set in the New England area (with a little bit of Texas time thrown in, of course), I’m overwhelmed with the positive feedback I continually receive.

Finding Closure, a contemporary fiction, is totally different from my first book. Lindsey’s story cannot be considered a “romance” by the industry’s standards. Although she did have Chase come into her life – for a while – her story is more one of empowerment, the power she finds within her own self. The “why” behind writing Finding Closure, I haven’t a clue. I just knew I had to share what happened to Lindsey and how she handled all the tragedy life threw her way. The only “who” was Lindsey herself talking me through the writing process. I also have appreciated readers' positive comments on Finding Closure. One especially I'll never forget: "Way to go Lindsey!"
Several other works of fiction are in different stages of completion. All the characters are in my head, waiting their turn, some not as patient or quiet as others.

Madison is the loudest. Next Time Around ~ a romance in the truest sense of the word ~ will depict her story. Ella is a close second on the noise level scale! I had to put her story down for a bit because of the unsettling nightmares I began having while writing it! Yeah, it’s a murder mystery that I may have to lighten up a bit for me to finish!

I've never approached writing a novel with first seeing a picture for the front cover! Knowing it will be perfect when I saw it, I bought the photograph and obtained rights to use, but the storyline has yet to develop! I have faith Left Behind will come when I least expect it! Maybe "they" are waiting for me to clear my head from everyone else!

This is the awarding winning "Left Behind" photo by Beverly Powell, and future cover for the novel, Left Behind:

It just speaks volumes to me!

A while back I began writing a non-fiction, something a little different than what's already on the market. Finding Elbow Grease is a project I’ll finish in time for Christmas. Which Christmas, I haven’t a clue! A beta reader has read what I’ve written so far and continues to encourage me to finish it! I will, I will!!!

Although books written by Lanetta J. Sprott are published at, I’m very disappointed (and embarrassed) with the changes to their site. I have no control over how it looks or the content format. This is another reason why I offer both books (and will future ones) through Lanetta’s Creations at the same bottom line price (after their shipping & handling)! Plus, I can autograph the copies before mailing! Win-Win!!!

Use coupon code 6thday at checkout until January 6th (one per customer) and receive 20% off the signed book of your choice! Free Shipping & Handling, too!

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