Sunday, January 1, 2012

Seventh Day of Christmas – Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! It’s hard to believe 2012’s already here! On this Seventh Day of Christmas I wish everyone a joyous and prosperous New Year! God willing, Lanetta’s Creations will have a fabulously Happy New Year, too!
Rather than making any resolutions this year, I’m taking the advice a friend posted on her Facebook wall, her invitation to make a “Proclamation” instead! She advocates not resolving to do anything but to proclaim it! Love this! It’s like a dynamite filled shot of positive attitude.

Each of the Day of Christmas articles I’ve written so far, I’ve shared a little about me and why I’ve created the items offered at Lanetta’s Creations. Most articles have an exclusive coupon code (only found within the article) for savings during the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Following what I started, the next area I should share is about the Handbags and Totes by Lanetta’s Creations. However, I have none left to offer a special coupon code! I’ll simply say I love making them!

This is the one-of-a-kind (OOAK) ~ never again will be made J ~ handbag I designed, created, and entered in the 2011 State Fair of Texas Creative Arts Competition!
Primarily constructed using the same brand of blue jeans Big Tex wears; I was thrilled when I learned I'd won
Second Place
in the competition! This is my new spring 2012 handbag I'll be using!

I proclaim a new line of “Handmade in Texas” at Lanetta’s Creations handbags and totes in 2012! Yes! I’m excited about the designs I’m working on and the fabrics I’ll use to create the unique OOAK awesome items!
NOTE: Life is too short to use store-bought handbags and totes!
If you’re looking for something in a specific color and/or style, just send me an email and we can talk about it! I would love to create a made-to-order handbag or tote especially for you, or one for you to give.

My lovely Facebook Fans are told first when a new product is listed in my studio! Be sure to “like” my page to get the Breaking News and exclusive coupon codes offered only for fans!

Again, Happy New Year!

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  1. Lots to read and think about! It get's my "juices" going. What a way to go Lanetta!


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