Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eleventh Day of Christmas - Create

Without question Lanetta’s Creations will have Create in its tagline! On this Eleventh Day of Christmas I ask straightaway, what does create mean to you? For me, create goes along with a definition found within the Merriam-Webster dictionary: to make or bring into existence something new.

Exactly! It’s my passion to “bring into existence” a new apron, doll dress, handbag, storyline, prayer beads, bookmarks, and anything else I can imagine. Whether using repurposed materials, or with spanking new fabrics, it’s my love to create and bring about something new!
I’m excited to announce a new product line I’m creating here at Lanetta’s Creations! Soft Cloth Lovelies are coming soon! Be sure to check the studio section often!

I've created an original doll design, but I'm not yet finished with her. She's embarassed and doesn't want any pictures taken in her birthday suit! She’ll become the first unique lovelies very soon!

Also within the same studio section “Soft Cloth Lovelies” you'll soon find my version of the Flying Fairies and Easter Bunnies pictured below! I bought the patterns for a go-by created at Shweet Potato Dolls. I just love their expressions!

Be sure to “like” Lanetta’s Creations facebook page to get breaking news first!  

If you’re looking for me… I’m at the sewing machine, creating... bringing into existence something new!

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