Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Marketing - Aha Moment

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Throughout January I read at least a gazillion articles, blogs, and group comments in search of the best marketing strategies for the handmade artisan selling primarily online. I did this to share my findings on Monday Marketing blog posts, and to learn what I could apply at Lanetta’s Creations! It was a mind-boggling, confusing adventure indeed ~ until my aha moment!

This epiphany happened after realizing I was getting thrown here and there, getting more and more confused by everyone’s opinion how best to do this or that! Bottom line, the primary aspect I learned: there is not a single best marketing strategy, especially for the online entrepreneur! The question shouldn’t be: “Will the Best Marketing Strategy Please Stand Up?” as they all have great workable methods!

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It’s mixing it up, combining the “this or that” needed at different times on different products for different targeted audience! This is the KEY to a successful marketing strategy! Got it!

February won’t have any specific “Monday Marketing” posts! Instead, I’m planning a “Monday Mix-Up” of different treasures found on the internet. I’ve shared new-to-me awesome sites before, and the why’s on why I find them amazing. It’s been much too long since I’ve done this! In fact, it was August of last year!

I would love to hear about one of your aha moments! I hope you'll share in the comments!

What about an amazing site I should visit and link up with next Monday? What is your favorite?

Happy Monday everyone!

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