Monday, January 9, 2012

Will the Best Marketing Strategy Please Stand Up?

Monday Marketing –

Never in my lifetime will I learn all the marketing strategies available, and that’s okay. But in between creating handmade products for Lanetta’s Creations, I need to learn something about how to effectively market the creations!

Beginning today, and the remaining first Mondays of 2012, I'll explore the wealth of information found on the Internet and read from the experts and those who have taken this path before. It's my goal to learn as much of the best marketing strategy for the small, work from home, self-employed type business entity I possibly can!

Photo by Miss Rogue
Through this Monday Marketing approach, hopefully the best marketing strategy will stand up! I did say please! If you’re in the same boat, join my journey as I “talk” my way through what I now see as a muddled messy mess of marketing strategies. Let us learn together how best to market our handmade wares!

 Note to self:

- Keep an open mind.

- Study the five Ps of marketing 
    • Product: the goods or services that you market and sell.
    • Price: the value of those goods or services quantified in monetary terms.
    • Promotion: how you communicate the benefits of those goods and services.
    • Place: how you expose buyers to products and get products into their hands.
    • Position: the way the product is perceived in the mind of the buyer.
- Learn marketing language

What in the world is Pinko or Guerilla Marketing? What is The Cluetrain or The Hughtrain? I have a good idea what Viral/WOM Marketing entails! What about SEO?

Oh, my! So much to learn!

I ask again, will the best marketing strategy please stand up?!


  1. Don't forget social media marketing! Great blog!

  2. Thanks "Me" ! I'm not sure *yet ;) but isn't "viral marketing / wom" and social media marketing about the same thing?

  3. It will be interesring to note your journey through this process. I will talk to Ashley when she returns from Chicago...she has a Masters in Marketing, to see if she has any suggestions. I am still trying to find that company I had seen that I had mentioned, something along the Etsy line. Let the journey begin!

  4. Thanks, Diane! Indeed!

    Had thought about working on this each Monday, but decided I'd not commit to each week (maybe here & there) as I'd rather sew! Any suggestions she has will be greatly appreciated!


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