Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'd rather sew

In January 2012, I wrote a series of themed articles on different marketing strategies. The plan was to do this every Monday throughout the year. I will be the first to admit, the “Monday Marketing” aspect may have helped in some ways, but then went flat when I got so confused with all the information out there – it was a struggle to make it through January! Because…

I’d rather sew.

Going Viral Through Social Media relies on others to share!

Monday Marketing – Aha Moment mixing it up all year!

But, it’s time to do a bit of marketing prep. I have business cards. Now I would like to create a brochure for the upcoming craft and specialty show in Arlington, Texas. I’d like a little bit of information for visitors to take away with them, for reference and provide contact information. So, I go back to the ole trusty Google and do a search:

I find a gazillion opinions.

A couple tips/suggestions, however, keep reoccurring:
  • write a catchy headline, something that will grab their attention
  • focus on persuasion, not information
What type of attention grabbing headline could I write? What do I write about doll clothes or aprons or e-reader covers, to persuade someone to purchase from me rather than someone else? Geez!

I’d rather sew!


  1. You have too many things on your plate. Marketing is made up of many ideas and strategies. Pick one. Make a plan. Pick another - make a plan.

    I went to a social media class and left very over-whelmed. You will have to do a bit of everything. Just not everything at once.....

    1. Me -
      You are correct! That was exactly my point in the "Aha Moment" article! I, too, would be very overwhelmed in a social media class!

      This article (10/07), it was "time" to create a brochure! I picked the plan and got it done! But, I'd rather sew!


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